Sovereign Syre is One Hot Wife

Photo by: Eddie Powell

Sovereign Syre will be appearing in her first New Sensations’ title, Hot Wife in the next few months. She sweats sexy. I’m serious.

Name this Adult Star’s Breasts…

This beautiful adult starlet was a true delight to work with for the second time around for New Sensations. Can you guess whose breasts these are (as seen through my camera monitor)?

A Mother Daughter Thing…

Photo by: Eddie Powell

One reason why you need to check out… A Mother Daughter Thing. Dakota Skye and Julia Ann!

When Two Friends Have Sex

Photo by: Eddie Powell

Kelly Shibari worked with her friend, James Deen for the first time in her upcoming New Sensations’ release, Meet Kelly (coming in early Sept). Yes, there are some awkward moments in porn…

Hot Wife … Coming Soon

Photo by: Eddie Powell

Ever heard of Hot Wifing? I hadn’t either until my boss at New Sensations’ asked me to research it and write a movie about it. It’s a fascinating world where wives enjoy sexual relationships with men outside their marriages (with their husband’s approval). I enjoyed learning about hot-wifing and bringing this lifestyle to the screen with as much respect to it as humanly possible. Make sure to check it out…coming soon!

Siri is the first of four, incredibly sexy Hot Wives, chosen for this film! Stay tuned to learn who the others are.

Anonymous said: If you have HSV, can you never act in porn professionally?

I received another similar question related to Herpes here (so I’ll address both questions in this thread):

I know the porn industry is adamant about STD testing (for obvious reasons)…but what about herpes? Given that 1 our of 4 women and 1 out of 5 men have it, I would assume that a large number of men and women in the porn industry have it… Also given that most people who have herpes are asymptomatic and that it’s mostly spread only through skin-to-skin contact, are starlets/stars who have tested positive for herpes NOT allowed to perform without a condom? Or are they required to take suppressive medication? 

I preface this response by saying that I am not a medical professional and my answer is based solely on my experience working in adult.

No, having herpes does not prevent you from working in adult. Many performers have herpes. Some have never had more than an initial outbreak. Others take suppressants. Because adult performers are in the business of having sex, most of them know their bodies, know when a potential outbreak is coming, and call out of work when they have an outbreak (or feel one coming on). Prior to a scene being shot, performers are inspected to ensure no outbreak is present.

No, adult stars with herpes aren’t required to wear condoms. Condoms only reduce the chance of contracting herpes by 50% (and that is currently subject to debate). Condoms can also cause further irritation when worn during adult scenes, making some more susceptible to an outbreak. However, it is ultimately the performer’s decision whether they choose to wear a condom or not. 

I’d like to add that herpes is not a life-threatening virus. It tends to get a very bad rap, because of the public’s often ignorant views on STD’s. Non-sexual viruses and bacterial infections are passed from person-to-person all the time. Why viral and bacterial infections in the genitals seem to spawn such ignorant and judgmental reactions is beyond me. We still live in a very puritanical society. I admittedly had my own ignorant opinions about herpes and STD’s prior to working in adult, but they have since changed.

Thanks for reaching out and asking such a relavent question.

Dakota Skye Dry-Humps a Pillow

Photo by: Jeff Koga

Find out why Dakota Skye dry-humps her stepmother’s pillow in, A Mother Daughter Thing. I love what a  hilarious brat she plays in this movie!

Anonymous said: Hi Jacky, big fan. I'm a bisexual guy and I'm considering pursuing a career in porn. I've got two questions: 1. Would performing in gay/bi/fetish scenes make it more difficult to get work in hetero productions? 2. I'm a very tall guy, well over six feet, would that be a problem? I ask because most performers seem to be very short, girls rarely seem to be over 5'5" and I haven't seen any guy who'd be over 6 feet.

Thanks for reaching out!

1). I’m not gonna lie. There is a lot of discrimination towards male performers that have performed in gay scenes. Now, that’s not to say it’s impossible for men who’ve performed in gay scenes to get work in hetero productions (some well-known performers have done gay scenes and managed to appear regularly in mainstream adult scenes). But, the discrimination does exist. Some female performers refuse to work with male performers that have done any work in gay porn. Some agencies advise their talent not to work with male performers that have done gay porn. Some studios don’t hire men that have done gay porn.

Regardless of whether someone has tested negative for any STD’s these discriminations are still prevalent and you should consider this before entering the business. 

It is hard enough for male performers working only in mainstream porn to get steady work. For gay, fetish, and TS performers it is that much harder.

2). Height has little to do with casting. It all comes down to reliability, consistency, and performance. There are male performers over 6 feet that work regularly . In fact, quite a few are. Ramon Nomar, Bruce Venture, and Ryan Mclane to name a few. Sometimes height can even be an advantage, especially if a studio is shooting “spinner” scenes. 

Thanks for reaching out! I hope this helps provide some insight!

I Believe in Second Chances…Do You?

Second Chances is the latest feature I co-directed with Eddie Powell for New Sensations’, Romance Series. NS is running a contest in which the winner receives a Skype chat with Carter and I. Click here for details. 

♫ Shiny Happy Porn Stars Laughing…♫

Photo by: Eddie Powell for New Sensations

My dog steals a kiss from
Chanel Preston on set today. I don’t blame him. She is the complete package of cool and sexy.

My dog steals a kiss from
Chanel Preston on set today. I don’t blame him. She is the complete package of cool and sexy.

Beauty in the World of Adult

Don’t forget to check out the beautiful, Ariella Ferrera in A Mother Daughter Thing. This was my second time working with her and she is just incredible.

Who’s the Boss? Otto Bauer is Folks.

One set for a New Sensations’ vignette series, Otto Bauer shows everyone that he is the Boss. Yep. Pretty much.

How to Have Sex..a Story By Richie Calhoun

Eddie Powell took this great photo op of Richie Calhoun (with Sovereign Syre and Xander Corvus as his backdrop) on set for New Sensations’ upcoming film, Hot Wife. #Ridic.

Karla Kush “As Seen on TV”