Veronica Avluv’s Got Pin-Up Beauty

Veronica Avluv studying her script for an upcoming film I directed for Digital Sin.

Anonymous said: How do girls clean before anal? Ive been wondering this for awhile and dont exactly know what they mean by clean. I know its takes more than a babywipe to prep before an anal scene

Many women begin preparation the night before an anal shoot. Some only prep the morning of (although that can be risky). Preparation involves an enema (or multiple enemas) and often fasting. Whenever I book anal scenes, I try my best to make them the first shoot of the day, but unfortunately that doesn’t always happen.  

In the soon to release film, “Kinky Wedding Day,” Bailey Blue shot an anal scene for me and unfortunately it didn’t begin until 6pm. It also happened to occur in a room that was over 80 degrees. She was an absolute trooper.

Photo by: Eddie Powell

Bailey Blue on set of Kinky Wedding Day

Happy Birthday Mick Blue!


Photo by: Jeff Koga

With Anikka Albrite and Mick Blue at the XRCO Awards. 

Dakota Skye - THE Lolita of the Adult Industry

Photo by: Eddie Powell

Dakota’s got that look that’s hard not to love. She exudes that youthful sexuality without even trying. Check her out in one of my favorite Tabu movies released, to date: Our Father

Anonymous said: When directing do you refer to porn stars by their real names or do you only use their porn names? Aren't you able to find out their real first and last names since as director/producer you have to make them sign papers and stuff before and after each scene with their personal data (I read this somewhere), am I right on that?

I always refer to talent by their stage name. Always. It’s just safer to do that.

Yes, we are able to find out people’s real names, but why does that even matter? I don’t need to know somebody’s real name. It doesn’t change anything to me if they are referred to as Jill or Debbie. Their real self is still the person I’m working with, whether or not I’m calling them by their legal name or their stage name. 

Many of the female performers have to contend with crazy fans. Stalker fans. People who harass them. Terrify them. Try to figure out their real identities so they can in turn figure out their real phone numbers, addresses, etc. It’s a scary world we live in…where people think they “know” somebody because they’ve watched them have sex on camera, seen them naked, tuned in to a radio interview. You don’t know someone until you know them. 

So, for the sake of protecting people’s real identities, I only refer to them by their “adult” name…even when I’m hanging out with them outside of work. 

Thanks for reaching out!!!

BBW Star Showcase - Meet Kelly (Shibari)

Shot and Directed by Eddie Powell - this epic film showcases the beautiful, the intelligent, the hilarious, the awesome, Kelly Shibari!

From “The Real Housewives” to Tabu Tales

Photo by: Jeff Koga

Jayden Taylors made a splash in the media when she came out to her reality TV mother about her porn career, but while she’s taken a break from the industry, we haven’t seen the last of Jayden yet! She’ll be making some mainstream media appearances in the near future! Be on the look out.

For those interested in checking her out in a fantastic scene she shot for Digital Sin called, “Having Sex with the In-Laws” click here

Photo by: Jeff Koga - Jayden Taylors with Logan Pierce

Second Chances and the College Experience

To anyone who’s enjoyed the wonder that is the college experience, Second Chances is for you. Complete with…


Those Blurry Mornings After a Frat Party…

The So-Pretty-It-Hurts Sorority Girl

The So-Douchey-He-Can’t-Be-Real Fraternity Boy

The Guitar Strumming Romeo

The Ridiculously Gorgeous Animal Rights Activist

And…the Girl You Can’t Help But Fall in Love With (Even the Directors Did)

All Photos by: Jeff Koga

Sisterly Love

Staci Carr and Jessa Rhodes offer up some good ole Sisterly Love. Watch their adorable scene here.

Carter Cruise is Sizzling

Three of the many reasons why Carter Cruise is a star are right here.

A Whole Lotta Puppy Love in Second Chances

Photos by: Jeff Koga

Whenever you can bring your children to work, DO. Second Chances, starring Norman and Boz (Eddie Powell and my dogs).

So This Was Fun…

Coming soon to Tabu Tales…

The Fratboy Douche of Second Chances

Although Chad White is easily one of the sweetest guys in the adult industry, he effortlessly embraced the role of, Josh Rochette (the fratboy douche) in Second Chances. After Eddie Powell and I watched the final cut of the movie we both agreed, w/one of the more difficult roles in the movie, his performance was nothing short of perfect.

Photos by: Jeff Koga

Several Well-Known Adult Stars Make Cameos in Second Chances…

Photo by: Jeff Koga

…one of them appears on this flier held by Carter Cruise. Can you identify that adult star? Here’s a hint: less than a year into her career, she’s one of the hottest performers on the adult scene today. 

Buy Second Chances here.

Allie Haze and Abigail Mac Show Off Some “Sisterly Love”

Coming soon to Digital Sin’s Tabu Tales Line!!

Also starring Bree Daniels w/Ashlyn Molloy (whose scene is ridiculously hot), Jessa Rhodes w/Staci Carr (who absolutely charm the hell out of me with cuteness) and Sasha Heart w/Aubrey Star!