We know who she is…

We know who she is. 

Her name has been uttered across every mainstream publication from here to kingdom come. TMZ. Jezebel. XOJane. CNN. Fox. Piers Morgan. Even, The View. 

And while some have jumped to her defense and praised her (hopefully genuinely and not for the sole purpose of garnering their own media attention), many despise her for the overwhelming amount of attention she has gotten for so few, usually underwhelming performances. 

What the mainstream has failed to realize in their own ignorance is that our industry is home to MANY college educated performers. High profile, elite colleges as competitive as this woman’s. Performers with careers that span years…even decades. Not months. People whose voices would have better served the public to speak about “feminism in pornography.” Women like Dana Vespoli, Joanna Angel, Nina Hartley, Tasha Reign, Sovereign Syre, Tristan Taormino, and Lorelei Lee to name A FEW. Where are their interviews? These women are established performers working in adult and are far better spokeswomen than a newbie who has only shot a handful of scenes. 

These women would likely never use their popularity or fan base to promote a piracy-based tube site for their summer internship program, the way this person ignorantly did. Yet, this person is mainstream media’s current “voice” for our industry.

I write this blog in the hopes that all of the performers that I know, love, have worked with, or hope to don’t seethe and cringe because it wasn’t you who got snatched up by the mainstream media circus. Mainstream will tell the story they want to tell to the public, and that story is seldom ever an accurate one - especially when it comes to the adult entertainment industry.

The best stories are never manufactured. No. The best stories are the true ones. The ones that so many of you could tell, but that nobody took the time to actually speak to.

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